We've made some DVD-Rs and are selling them to help cover the heavy bandwidth costs for this site:
Todd Haynes, Superstar: the Karen Carpenter Story
Keith Sanborn, The Artwork in the Age...
Brian Boyce, State of the Union
Michael Colton, Puppy Love
Michal Levy, Giant Steps
Tim Maloney with Negativland, Gimme the Mermaid
Paul Harvey Oswald, Natural Thing
Brian Spinks, Bill Wasik & Eugene Mirman, Black Thunder
Eric Fensler, GI Joe PSAs
D. Jean Hester, Buy Me
Eileen Maxson, Untitled
Joe Gibbons, Barbie's Audition

DVD-Rs are $30, half of which can be considered a tax-deductible donation (Stay Free! is a nonprofit 501c3 organization. NOTE: DVD-Rs play in most DVD players the same way DVDs do but there are differences, which you can read about here.)

Pay via one of the following:

Buy via credit card / Paypal

Check or money order
(payable to Stay Free): Stay Free, 23 Hawthorne Street, Brooklyn NY 11225

NO REFUNDS WILL BE OFFERED. However, if your DVD-R is defective, we will replace it.

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